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11/04/2012 17:03

Ask any man what his favorite piece of clothing attire is and inevitably the answer at nano speed will be his jeans. No not those new $275 pair of raw True Religions. Those are to be worn for those special occasions. True Religion Straight Leg An occasion like going out for the night with the guys. With intentions of waking up the next morning with a pounding headache or perhaps a pair of girls panties lying next to his drooling face situated on his pillow. Hopefully both.

Nope, his favorite pair are the ones hanging in his closet with tattered pockets, frayed heel hems, and or course the thinning denim that starts from the front thigh to just below the knee. Better yet, the knees have the trademark slit for improved air flow.

Ask any wife or live in girlfriend what's the one part of her lovers wardrobe she could discard and again in a nano second, True Religion Jackets it would be those treasured ugly jeans. Faded from their original royal blue dye, they now sport the pale blue beauty it took years of hard work to achieve. And the best jeans will even have threads throughout, that bare the original white threading the cloth started with.

You see these jeans, True Religion T-shirts cannot be bought or replaced. No matter how many acid washes a premium denim designer can torture the finest Japanese denim in. Ask any guy what pair he would pick and hands down, that pair of faded, torn, ragged Levi's would win, every time.

Until the zipper breaks, or the tear in the knee encompasses the entire circumference of the leg. These pants are sure to be worn and often. Without a second thought to fashion or any amount of pleading and coercion. True Religion Petite Oh and in case the tear at the knees do become unable to be fixed. Yup, they turn into the Saturday shorts we wash the car in.

These are not just pants, these are a second skin, our best weekend friend. Molded and broken in by wallets and key imprints, knee abrasions, paint splotches and our weight fluctuations. A very specific wear pattern to our jeans is as personal as a fingerprint. True Religion UK As prized to him, as any Coach handbag or Christian Lacroix open toe a women could want.

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