treasured piece of jewelry

01/06/2012 15:40

For any woman, a treasured piece of jewelry is her engagement and wedding ring. An engagement and wedding ring is a symbol of a life-long love and commitment. Tiffany Jewelry Outlet An engagement ring provides many memories, or in some cases expectations, of a life full of love and happiness. Out of all of the jewelry that a married woman owns, perhaps the most prized is her engagement ring. Because this ring has so much sentimental value, Tiffany Bracelets Sale it is highly recommended that it is made in a way that it will last a lifetime. Part of this includes the way that the jewel is set into the ring.

One of the most highly recommended ways of setting a stone is the Bezel mount setting. This type of setting is when the stone is surrounded by metal, which creates a cradle effect. Tiffany Bangles Sale Bezel engagement rings are beneficial to many people, especially people who are active or into sports. The reason behind this is simple, which is that the ring diamond is protected by the type of setting. A Bezel mount is best for women active in sports and also for those wearing clothes that are easily snagged. Tiffany Necklaces Cheap When wearing a loose knit sweater or putting on nylons, one must be careful and wearing a Bezel mount ring helps.

It is a constant inconvenience to have to remove a ring just because the gem would get in the way or loosen and be lost. Tiffany Pendants Sale For example a pronged raised ring could get caught or snagged on something. This annoyance is eliminated with the bezel setting because the stone is safely nestled in the metal of the ring. Another benefit of having a Bezel mount engagement ring is that it gives the illusion that the gem is larger than it actually is. Cheap Tiffany Rings One tip for making a diamond look bigger is by adding a few paved stones in the ring as well. Many people, especially active people, are turning to a Bezel setting for their engagement and wedding rings.

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